About Lishmar - Our Story

We are delighted to announce that our son Shane is taking a more active role in the management and direction of the future of Lishmar Connemara Ponies. This process has started by his redesigning of our Web site from which he hopes to display the best that we have to offer.

At Lishmar Connemara Ponies we are proud to breed and produce top quality Connemara ponies from the best of bloodlines and make them available to our clients in the Domestic and International market.

Our name Lishmar is recognised worldwide for the quality and success in all equestrian disciplines that our passion for this beautiful pony has brought.

Lishmar farm is situated on 150 acres of prime land. It is located on the East coast of Ireland beside the Sea, five minutes from Dublin Airport and fifteen minutes from Dublin Port.

Our prefix is Lishmar and it was derived from letters in our five children’s names. Our Family are privileged to have been involved with Irish Horses and Ponies for almost thirty-five years and successfully breeding Connemara ponies since 1987.

It is Shane’s intention to initiate his own breeding programme to further enhance the Lishmar reputation by continuing to breed and produce Quality Connemara ponies that remain true to type whilst satisfying our clients requirements.

We have supplied ponies to all countries in Europe, the USA and as far away as Japan.

Shane keeps the ponies in as natural an environment as their ancestors, so he can maintain their characteristics of hardiness of constitution, staying power, docility, intelligence and soundness.